My name is Silver (they/them; he ok).

I'm a transmasculine queer thing who is very tired. I believe in a better future for everyone. I don't know where my own future lies, and that's okay.

To the odd fascist and/or pick-me who might be reading this page: fuck you. You are not welcome here.

This is my personal pet-project website, which I want to use to teach myself how to write code. Maybe one day, this will serve as a portfolio piece. More thank likely, this will just be a small place to show things off. That's okay, too.

I play video games; mostly rhythm or puzzle games. I've repaired and/or modded my Xbox 360, a 7th generation iPod classic, and a Gamecube, as well as several Guitar Hero controllers.

I'm an amateur in 3d printing (~1yr), Photoshop work (~10 years), video editing (~5 years), and captioning (~4 years).

Yes, I linked to the DIY HRT webpage. Fuck the gatekeepers.

Check my reading material recommendations. Liberation for all means liberation for all.

This website is built upon the goblin-heart layout builder.