The end of the line is not a place but a state of mind
Wander through the viscera around your feet
Early summer mornings ripe for revenge
Those who wish to dismantle your world
Piece by precious piece
Lie beneath you in the shallow earth
Parts of the world you have come to know
Lie in the state of your memory


They all meant the same dear thing to you
Everything you know is solid can turn to smoke
A lesson you've learned too many times now
Shed the softness you worked to hold
Burn the trust you clawed back from the world
Walk into the arms of your future
When you live your life at the end of the line
The world will live on without you

This is about a world I wish not to be a reality. This is about a world which many already exist in. This is a world that many more will come to exist in. Keep hope. C'est ne pas la fin